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Welcome to the personal website of Cengizhan Cerit

Cengizhan Cerit is a Turkish/British businessman with a long career in property investment, entrepreneurship and residential and commercial property maintenance.

A family man with two children, Cengizhan Cerit has lived and worked in the Netherlands and Cyprus before settling in the UK in the early 90s.

Who is Cengizhan Cerit?

Today, Cengizhan Cerit leads two property management firms: SISI Property Ltd, which operates in Ashford, Kent and London-based Meden Ltd.

Meden Ltd is dedicated to the residential sector, while SISI property Ltd also covers commercial property maintenance. To find out more about Cengizhan Cerit and his career path, head here.

Cengizhan Cerit founded CHC Ashford in 1997, which grew to be an extremely successful catering operation as a franchisee of Perfect Pizza. The company was sold in 2018 with a 200% profit.

Since then, Cengizhan Cerit has concentrated on developing both of his property firms.

Thought leadership on property sector

On this website you’ll find regular content from Cengizhan Cerit covering all aspects of property investment, property management and entrepreneurship.

Cengizhan Cerit has a strong interest in other cultures and business sectors, and his blogs will reflect his international background and experience.

About SISI Property Ltd

Through SISI Property Ltd, Cengizhan Cerit owns around 60 properties in the Kent area. The property rental and management firm was founded by Mr Cerit in 1999 and during the early 2000s, provided accommodation for asylum seekers fleeing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

About Meden Ltd

Mr Cerit founded Meden Ltd in London in 2019. The firm specialises in residential property rentals and all aspects of property and rental management, as well as property refurbishment and resale.